Latest News are coming in the purchase of land in Ayodhya, the opposition surrounded the central and state government

The matter of purchase of land by Shri Ram Mandir Nirman Trust is not only taking the name of being resolved but is getting more furious and complicated. Both the parties and the opposition continue to accuse each other, tell that new evidence is being presented from the side of the political parties regarding the matter, in addition to the Aam Aadmi Party, Congress, many opposition parties of Uttar Pradesh Yogi On the same issue, AAP leader Sanjay Singh was seen presenting many facts and evidence in front of the media regarding this matter and the same Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. wrote in a tweet on Twitter that ‘I am not ready to believe that true devotees of Shri Ram can do this, such cruelty is far from humanity and shameful for both society and religion

Rahul Gandhi on Ayodhya Mandir

Rahul Gandhi Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath responded to this tweet by tweeting and wrote

‘Shri Ram’s first lesson is – “Speak the truth” which you have never done in life. You should be ashamed that even after telling the truth by the police, you are engaged in spreading poison in the society. In the greed of power, humanity is being humiliated. Stop humiliating, defaming the people of Uttar Pradesh

Yogi on Ayodhya Mandir (2)

In this case, AAP leader Sanjay wrote in a tweet, ‘Chanda thieves have insulted Lord Ram. The sentiments of Hindus across the world have been hurt. These people should return the stolen money and apologize to the Hindus, the construction of Ram temple should be speeded up. They stole the money. So construction slowed down. Speed up construction

Sanjay Singh AAP on Ayodhya Mandir (2)

Let us tell you that Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi also raised her voice in this matter through a Facebook post on Wednesday. Priyanka said that according to reports, there is a scam in the purchase. On March 18, 2021, two people buy a land in Ayodhya for Rs 2 crore. This land of two crores was bought after just five minutes by the Shri Ram Mandir Nirman Trust set up by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Rs 18.5 crores. That is, the price of land increased at the rate of Rs 5.5 lakh per second. Can anyone believe this? Don’t forget, all this money was given by the people of India in the form of donations and offerings for the construction of the temple. This land is not for temple construction, but away from the temple premises. Priyanka wrote in a Facebook post, the names of the witnesses in the deed and registry related to the purchase and sale of land are the same. One witness is a trustee of the temple trust (who has been the former provincial caretaker of the RSS) and the other witness is a BJP leader and mayor of Ayodhya. In the statement issued by the Secretary of Shri Ram Mandir Trust, it has been said that the rates of land have increased, so so much has been paid. According to the information, if we calculate the circle rate also, then the cost of this land in this area will be around Rs 5 crore .

Congress and AAP have put the Modi government in the dock, according to media reports, many more facts can be seen in this matter.

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